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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Various - Group Therapy Explosion

MP3 / 256 kbps

Group Therapy Explosion was a compilation put out by Slow to Burn records from Victoria, BC Canada (date unknown). I don't really know much about the compilation, but I think all the bands featured on the compilation were from Victoria (not true, Hickey were from San Fransisco and Submission Hold were from Vancouver). Some really killer tracks on this comp., enjoy!!!!

01. Gus-Pipe Bomb For the Mass Population
02. Halycon Days-Cable
03. Ache Hour Credo-Letterbomb Valentine
04. Goatboy-Nepal
05. Ten Dead Men-Mold On An Orange
06. Hickey-Last Nite on the Planet
07. Daddy's Hands-Daddy's Hands
08. Pebble-Dive Down
09. Submission Hold-Truth Decay
10. Dillinger Mob-John Dillinger
11. Black Market Fruits-Black Market Fruits
12. Benchwarmer-Trouser Tent
13. Ground Round-Nine Years Later
14. Hudson Mack-F*** Machine
15. Offense AD-Stillwaters Rising
16. Republic of Freedom Fighters-Kranok Attack
17. Render Useless-True Colours

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  1. Very happy to see a Hudson Mack track I've never heard before. Thank you!

  2. I have this CD. Hickey were from San Fran and Submission Hold were from Vancouver, but I think the rest were Victoria bands