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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Show Business Giants - The Benelovent Horn (Tape Rip)

MP3 / 256 kbps

Marcus Pollard mentioned he used to be in the Show Business Giants, so I figured I'd post the other tape demo they released, I think this is a rare find, not sure. Now according to the Show Business Giants website (showbusinessgiants.com): Due to the uneven nature of this recording, which many listeners found to be too slick for such a gritty, hardknuckle brawling band such as the Show Business Giants, only Aaron Chapman has admitted to any participation in the project. However, it's a known fact he has been campaigning to become the next frontman for Warrant and this claim should be taken with the proper grain of salt. Upon the cassette and 8-track only release of The Benevolent Horn, rumors abounded throughout the "information superhighway" (still a gravel road at that point) that the title was not about Scott Hendersomething's trombone. This album, weighted down with the feared "sophomore slump", fell off the charts within three hours of its release. HMV was seen using copies to spackle weatherworn walls of their stores. Interesting stuff... enjoy!!!

01. bean with b man
02. albania
03. lover
04. boys night out
05. nanaimo
06. everywhere i go i'm famous
07. satan's laundromat
08. love sick
09. harbinger of love
10. backwash
11. this world is too crowded
12. salt and peppa

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