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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Beaumonts - The Beaumonts (VDRP Remaster)


I wanted to repost The Beaumonts rip on my Facebook profile, but found out the copy I had was a CBR rip, and not a VBR rip (VBR sounds better IMO). Since I finally got my DVD Rom extracting audio data, I decided to re-rip the first demo I got from Willy Jak. But I listened to the first track and there was an audio glitch, so I ran the rip thru WaveLab only to find that the recording was too loud, so I then normalized the audio. I also took both demo's and merged them into one release, and after a few beers I got it finally done. I think this version sounds better, and it's a great album. My favorite track though has to be Ultraviolent Rage, though both demos are really good. In any case, check it out.

BTW: Props to my peeps on the East Coast, this rip is for y'all!

The Beaumonts
01. motorhome
02. greenroom
03. bombs
04. budgie
05. stokholm
06. gotta do
07. drunk again

The Beaumonts II
08. radiation
09. crackdown
10. we're all the same
11. ultraviolent rage
12. strychnine
13. shoot it straight
14. brand new knife
15. pretty
16. another day
17. whiskey
18. washed them all away

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