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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pressure Cooker - Contents Under Pressure

MP3 / 192 kbps

Filling in another request for Sean Harrison. It seems Marcus has the Pressure Cooker - Cooked demo, Contents Under Pressure has the tracks from the Cooked demo, but apparently the band went back into the studio and re-recorded the tracks for the CD, once I can borrow the demo from Marcus, I'll be sure to post it 'ere. Enjoy y'all!

01. Buried
02. Activate
03. In the Bar
04. Message to Dimitri
05. In That Mood Again
06. Hybrid Junkie
07. On the Beat
08. Not In Service
09. Man in the Street
10. LSD
11. Liberator
12. A La Ska
13. Girl in the Bathroom
14. Relic
15. Brontosaurus
16. Indifferent
17. Loser
18. Happy Day
19. Under the Sun
20. African
21. Can't Have It
22. Speed Closet
23. Eggplant
24. Peanuts
25. Socasucker

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