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Friday, May 23, 2014

Micky Christ - Micky Christ Superstar


Oops, seems I uploaded a demo but never did add it to the bl0g...

Here is Micky Christ - Micky Christ Superstar (one of my favorite Micky Christ albums BTW), apparently Gary has a better mix of the album, but I'm still waiting for him to re-issue it, still this is a great album, and worth downloading it... Cheers!!!

Recorded and Mixed at The Rat's Nest Studio by Gary Brainless and Micky Christ. April - May - June 1997. Mastered at The Rat's Nest by Gary Brainless and Kevin Steeple. Photos by Rania  Hatzioannou, Artwork by Jason Walton. Computer Graphics & Layout by Charlie Wood at Spider's Eye Design. All songs written by Micky Christ. (P) (C) Look the Other Way World Publishing. All rights reserved.

Micky Christ is:
6 String: Onion
Skins: Ged Whiz
4 String: Eugenius Erectus
Vox: Gary Brainless

Track Listing
01. Left Hand
02. Beer
03. Helmet
04. Old Time Hockey
05. Paradise
06. Sad and Lonely
07. Barking Spiders
08. Eat My Religion
09. Gone
10. Grandma
11. Walnut Grove
12. Sick of Techno
13. Beat Me Up
14. Soupman
15. Mall Security
16. Beautiful
17. Back Porch

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