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Friday, May 23, 2014

Micky Christ - Micky Dead (Tape Rip)


Here is the next demo in the Micky Christ flood, "Micky Dead". Who knew the band were a buncha throat specialists?!? :)


Gary Brainless   Throat Specialist
      (Thesis on skins a masterpiece)

Rivitor Numbskull    Fingers & Throat Specialist
      (His work with catgut inspires many)

Cuttor Gently   Fingers in Throat Specialist
     (Emits secret messages from anal sphincter)

The Kevinator   Skins & Throat Specialist
     (Once caught grasing south of barn)

Micky Christ greatfully acknowledges all you people who use at least half your brain.
Micky Christ sorta aknowledges road kill, the price of beer and each other.
Micky Christ totally ignores people who get in your face and tell you s*** you don't really give a f*** about.

Thanks to: Betty for photos, Tolan for photographs, loved ones worldwide, friends and fans, and special thanks to Terry, keep playing Bud.

Recorded at Rats Next by Brainless.

Track listing
01. Garden of Stone
02. Lock-Up
03. Train
04. Value Priced
05. Monsters
06. Cricifixion
07. Open Mind
08. Religious S***

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