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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Pricks - C---S------ and M-----F------


Filling in another request for Tiemen, here's The Pricks - C---S------ and M-----F------ (I had having to be clean on blogspot, but it's better then being banned by some automated b0t), in any case this is an amazing demo, I just wish I had my flatbed scanner when I had borrowed the CD, anyone got one for sale? I think Willy was part of this band (not sure if Dustin Schwam was), enjoy it why don't you?!?

01. Monkey Suit 98
02. Kill Yer Mom
03. Proud to be a Prick
04. Shame
05. Climate of Fear
06. Bottle in My Pants
07. Yer Girlfriends a Loser
08. Iggy
09. The Carolyn Mark
10. Lil Sister
11. She Said
12. Comin' Home With Me
13. Bad Shape
14. I Was Her First
15. Outta Here
16. Little Jenny

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