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Friday, July 13, 2012

Shutdown - No More (-Fn-) Privacy (Cleaned Tape Rip)


Stinkymark Cambridge noticed Marcus Pollard had this demo in his collection of local demos, and since I had a copy of said demo I decided to post this. BTW: I did some audio work for Paul Shrimpton years ago, and this was one of the demos he had.

Source: Cassette
Produced by Scott H.
Cooking by Sylvia
Recorded at the Fuckin' Dollhouse!
Oct 89 Jan-Feb-Mar 1990
Processing: Steinberg WavLab V5.00
Filters used: Steinberg Clean v5.00
Compression: Lame Codec (modified), RazorLame
Compressed at: VBR 44.1 kHz True Stereo

Shutdown are: Rob "Tice" Duffy - Guitar
                      Dustin Schvogm - Drums
                   Mark & then some - Bace
                        Paul Shrimpton - Vocals

01. Down With You
02. Parched
03. Nothing Much At All
04. Borrowed Time
05. Ground Zero
06. This Life Gone Wrong
07. You Wait
08. From Above
09. Richee Daggers Crime
10. Ashes To Dust
11. Tunnel Vision
12. The Itch

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  1. I'm desperately searching for a copy of Shutdown's "Mechanic" ep. Please, if you have it, could you please post it? I'd be forever in your debt.